Final time management schedule and client bill for services:

Graphic Design Project Time Schedule – Final


Analysis and Reflection….

I feel my design solutions work well and are appropriate for the target audience.  When I look at the existing set of Ted Baker imagery and marketing their existing materials are colourful and really catch the eye.  Ted Baker portray an image of sophistication and class which I feel I have managed to capture somewhat in my own designs.  However, my style of designs are slightly different to what Ted Baker have at the moment.  Most of their designs use their own pictures and are more typography oriented.  My designs on the other hand tend to show a lot of depth and thought and require a certain amount of engagement from the viewer.  If the viewer looks closely they will see my designs all collectively work together and there are little quirky themes running throughout them.  Whilst this may not suit everyone’s taste, I wanted to create something whereby people would look at the design and wonder what was going on and then come to realise and see the bigger picture as time went on.  Once people had become used to the idea and seen what was going on it may then build some anticipation about what was to follow in the future.

Whilst I am generally happy with the concept and the way this campaign turned out I would possibly look to develop a more British feel in a future campaign.  However, I thought with this being a “first” campaign that it was important to appeal to the target audience demographic (i.e. America) first.

Final Design Concepts….

My final design concepts form three catgegories which are a poster campaign, video advert and ecards / postcards.

Poster Campaign: Each poster works as a stand-alone poster, however, when I was designing each poster I thought it would be good to bring each poster together to form another perspective.

Video Campaign: The video short I produced was made with the target audience in mind using imagery and music which is familiar with the target audience.  The imagery also tells a story and fits appropriately with the music, drawing the viewer in.  Uploaded to the video can be shared or embedded to most social networks.

Ecard / Postcard Campaign: This campaign works in a digital format or hard copy format to promote the Ted Baker website.  People can share the ecard via email or social media.  The physical cards can be pinned to notice boards, handed to friends or left on the coffee table.

Concept Gallery

Post Card and Ecard Gallery Small

Design Development…

Keeping the brief requirements and the target audience in mind I wanted to produce something which was intriguing, playful and had some longevity.  In my concept development ideas I came up with using different words which ended in “ted” and using these words in my designs.  Concept development went from stage to stage and was extensive from design to design.  During my concept development it was also important to me to be original and to work from images or things I had found from my environment around me.  Develpoment of these concepts can better be explained in visual format:


For my design inspiration I looked at a number of swiss styled designs made by a woman called Cristiana Couceiro.  From Cristiana’s portfolio of work I looked at how she had styled her designs using grid systems, pastel colours and photography.  Cristiana’s work has been used in a lot of big name publications,  giving her designs a certain degree of credability.  Without copying her work I analysed the way she had set out her designs and used some of the techniques she used in my own designs.

Design Thinking & Discovery….

In order to form a design solution I began looking through a current issue of GQ magazine (which for anyone who hasn’t seen it or looked at the magazine, it deals with a lot of current mens fashion).  Going through the magazine I began to tear out things that I liked and put them into my sketchbook to give me some ideas for concepts.  I then moved on to a series of word play excercises to help me form a concept.  My thinking and discovery can be shown on the following images: